(AFTER DELAY) History Symposium (Summaries and take-aways)

I attended a symposium covering the concepts of the husbands of women’s rights activists, the study of asylums in Virginia, and the cultural impact of Hamilton. I will keep this brief as it is less an explanation of the material discussed, and rather my critique/”take-aways” from their presentations


  • The first presenter had a very in-depth and informative argument, and her speech flowed well (the better your speech flows, the more apparent it is that you know your material). She was also quick to come up with answers to questions posed by the audience (quick thinking and smart responses are also key). Her only major issue that I noticed was that her volume was somewhat faint (Maintain good flow, but make sure people can hear you). It might not have helped that I sat in the back of the class.
  • The second presentation was also very in-depth and informative. There were a couple big issues that did hold her back. The first was continual stuttering and struggle to remember her lines (rehearsal is important before a presentation). The other issue was a lack of eye contact with the audience (In her defense, her eyes weren’t on her notes or the presentation, but also against her was the fact that she was looking anywhere but the audience).
  • Lastly, the final presentation was well received by both myself and the audience. She was very vocal, clear-toned, and though she stuttered at some parts, maintained a significant flow. Her real major flaw was the presentation itself. There were a few instances of moving animations or very bright and distracting figures (It’s ok to have imagery on a presentation, but make sure it isn’t stealing attention from you, the presenter)

In conclusion, both my 10 minute presentation and the Symposium have more or less humbled me in regard to having an appreciation for the work it takes to make a good presentation. This will likely be my last post on this blog for a while, so until we see each other again.

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